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Powerful & Easy-to-use CMS

You can develop your website yourself filling it with new information, posting articles, price lists, pictures, etc. We offer several options for CMS: open source CMS: (Drupal, Wordpress) and a commercial CMS (KasperCMS).

CMS (content management system) – is a special web-based app designed to simplify the publication of web content to a web site without requiring technical knowledge of any web programming languages or markup languages such as HTML.

We proud of offering our customers stable, reliable and easy-to-use web content management system KasperCMS 5.

KasperCMS is a powerful web application which helps ordinary users without special knowledge and training to manage website content in just a few clicks. Now you can easily create, edit and delete pages, publish texts, add images, post news, etc. If you know how to use an Internet browser and common text editors you will able to maintain your website without difficulties.  

KasperCMS is a convenient and and reliable solution to manage your website.

KasperCMS has been developed and maintained by our team. Why have we developed and use our own CMS, but not a free one, developed by the open source community, or one of the commercial box-products? It’s because most CMS designed by programmers and for programmers. Such systems are not convenient and comprehensible for ordinary users. We have developed a system, which is powerful for advance users and pros and meanwhile absolutely clear for those, who are unfamiliar with programming.

CMS in the box is always a standard solution, which often limits customer with the ways to solve problems. KasperCMS can be adapted to meet all the needs and requirements of a client. There is a unique opportunity to connect different functions specifically for the exact project.